New Blog Direction, New Releases, New Everything!

*Blows off dust* Oh hey! Looks who’s back! Yeah, it’s been a while. *Staind starts playing in the background* No. That’s not what I asked for. *Music cuts off* Thank you. Right, so that was quite the hiatus. I took some time to figure out if I even wanted to keep going with a blog and, if so, what wanted to do with it.

A huge thank you to those who participated in my survey. It really helped me to figure out what you all liked and what you don’t. So here’s what’s changing…

No more book reviews ~ Apologies to those of you who enjoyed them. They will, however, continue on my social media feeds (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and now Patreon* too!). I know; I have a but of backlog to do. Thankfully (or perhaps unfortunately), my reading life has been a bit crap so far this year. So maybe not actually as bad as all that.

*More on that later.

Not gonna shoot for once a week anymore ~ I realize that’s a bit silly to say, given it’s been a few, ahem, months, since I last did an update. Given how much I’ve started traveling (eight of nine events so far this year took me out of town), I just can’t do a blog entry every week. I want to do these regularly, though, so it’ll likely be one every two weeks.

And that’s pretty much all the changes. In other news, I have a new book coming out!

Across the Ice

And it’s available for you to add on Goodreads right now! Click the button to do that thing.

Across the Ice is the third in Lenore’s story arc. And can I just say how happy the cover makes me? That mask gives me the willies everytime! Here are five random things about the new book:

  1. There's a chapter called, "A Hedgehog, a Starfish, and a Lion Go to a Party".

  2. Lenore and Lowell get up to some big mechanical mischief.

  3. We meet Rook's family.

  4. The city's most dangerous crime lords come together for a common purpose.

  5. A beheading.

Pre-orders aren’t set up yet, but you know I’ll let everybody know as soon as they are. Also, since authors can’t recommend their own books on Goodreads, it would be super helpful if some of y’all could do that for me. BecauseYou’reTheBestAndILoveYou 😁 .

And there’s a new audiobook too! Out of the Shadows on audio is available pretty much anywhere you get audiobooks. Still waiting for it to go through Audible’s rigorous processing, but Apple and all the others are up.

So what was that mention about Patreon? Yeah, I’ve got me one of those now too! You can find the link here, and here are the level descriptions…

Agate & Char ~ $1 or more per month:

  • (Delivered randomly) Bonus content (picture inspiration, playlists, recent research topics, etc.).

  • Full access to the Exclusive Content page on Dana's website, plus my eternal gratitude! 💖💖💖

Cobalt ~ $5 or more per month:

  • Everything above and...

  • Public polls (may influence short stories, later reward decisions, and other content).

  • Access to the WordsByDana Discord chat.

Limestone ~ $10 or more per month:

  • Everything above and...

  • First five chapters of every book.

  • (Delivered on odd months) Deleted scenes.

  • (Delivered on even months) Audio versions of the short stories from the VIP newsletter, read by Dana.

Sand & Copper ~ $20 or more per month:

  • Everything above and...

  • Handwritten postcards.

  • Your name mentioned in the Acknowledgements section of each new book release.

  • Electronic ARCs (advanced review copies) of each new book that comes out.

Rose ~ $40 or more per month:

  • Everything above and...

  • A signed physical copy AND handmade candle shipped to you each time a new book comes out.

Ivory ~ $100 or more per month:

  • Everything above and...

  • One tuckerization (e.g. getting to name a character or place in a book or description, etc.) per book (parameters will depend on the limitations of the book).

Or, if you’d just like to buy me a coffee, you can do that here on Ko-fi.

Whew! Yeah, it’s been a busy couple of months. Thanks for reading!

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Next Time’s Entry: My Experience Using Draft2Digital (and Why I “Went Wide”)

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