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Across the Ice (Broken Gears #3)

Coming Autumn 2019 ~ The city of Springhaven simmers, ready to explode into fiery chaos just as the so-called Halls of Justice did not so long ago. As Lenore grieves, the Reaper's Collective murders yet another of her loved ones. Focused on revenge, she fails to see their tentacles curling around those closest to her. Meanwhile, the city’s most dangerous crime lords have agreed to a temporary truce in order to dismantle the Collective, but the collaboration could destroy everything Rook has built. As the magistrate council moves toward a vote that will leave half the city enraged, Lenore and her friends' lives hang in the balance. Oaths will be broken, and no one will escape this new web of danger.

Across the Ice

Raven’s Cry (Broken Gears #0, standalone prequel)

“Everything has degrees, and deep evils seem lighter if you are broken enough.”

Calandra—little sister to the future Count of Bone Bay—likes the idea of supporting her people without the pressure of an official title. She prefers quiet and learning over making dreaded small talk with her fellow nobles.

When Nicodemus, a magus with immense power, joins the royal court of Invarnis, Calandra's life changes forever. She is entranced when he shows her magic for the first time, but its entry into the royal court has repercussions she never imagined.

The world Calandra loves twists throughout the centuries while she, cursed and imprisoned, remembers her old life with envy. Her captor goes to any lengths to discover her secret, and Calandra is fighting for her very sanity within her cell.

Meanwhile, a war is coming to Invarnis, a war that will reshape the very fabric of the world. Calandra must decide who to trust and overcome her demons to get revenge...

But can she rediscover her lost light once the dust has settled?

Raven's Cry is a dark retelling of Swan Lake set in Dana Fraedrich's fantasy steampunk world of Broken Gears.

Buy it now to experience Calandra's heart-breaking struggle today!

For fans of Suzanne Collins, Sarah J. Maas, and Naomi Novik. In this standalone installment in Dana Fraedrich's fantasy steampunk series, readers will discover a realm of dark magic and technology as they join Calandra in her battle for freedom, hope, and healing.

Raven's Cry (Broken Gears)

Out of the Shadows (Broken Gears #1)

Homeless, orphaned, living in secret as a thief. Lenore Crowley just wants to survive, but Springhaven's laws make no exceptions. Arrest by the Enforcers--the city's "peacekeepers"--and life imprisonment loom. When Lenore meets the Allens, she's offered a new identity. This chance can save her from the underworld of crime in which she's forced to live. Though magic is supposed to be gone, the universe is keeping score. Oaths carry a brutally painful price, and Lenore isn't the only one caught in this web of debt. As lives entangle, she finds her secrets aren't so secret. Someone is looking for her, someone who knows who she really is. Can Lenore truly escape her past or will she be drawn back into the darkness?

Fans of the Finishing School series by Gail Carriger and Garth Nix's Old World universe will delight as this Victorian-era-esque world unfolds before them. A multi-layered steampunk fantasy tale of colorful characters, lost magic and technology, and subterfuge that promises to entrance.

Raven's Cry (Broken Gears)

Into the Fire (Broken Gears #2)

The Springhaven Museum’s expedition to Bone Port is underway!  Opportunities await Lenore and her colleagues, but discovery and enlightenment aren’t the only things they’ll find in southern Invarnis.  Back home in Springhaven, Rook is searching for answers but seems to find only more questions.  Who took out a hit on Lenore?  What is Bloodstone? A trail of clues becomes fraught with danger, and the quest for truth might demand a price he's not willing to pay.

The land of Invarnis is on the precipice of a new age, and the lives of its inhabitants will never be the same again.  The pursuit of knowledge is a noble endeavor, but sometimes one must ask: how much is knowledge worth?  Some things were locked away for a reason...

Into the Fire (Broken Gears #2)

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