Your Feedback Needed: Where Are We Going?

Image by Kirk Fisher from Pixabay ( source )

Image by Kirk Fisher from Pixabay (source)

Y’all may have noticed my blogging has fallen off a bit. Being totally honest, for the last few months I’ve felt pretty directionless when it comes to the blog. I have plenty of content, but I don’t have a great feel for what YOU ALL want. So let’s fix that. This week, I just have a short survey. If you don’t want to put your name, no worries. This can be as anonymous as you like. And there’s a $10 Amazon gift card in it for one lucky participant. Just be sure to include your name and email* if you want to be entered in the drawing. Otherwise, how am I gonna know how to contact you? I’ll do the drawing in two weeks.

*Your email will only be used for this drawing; nothing else.

What Do You Like Seeing? *
What subjects do you like being covered? Choose all that apply.
If you chose "Other" in the question above, please explain here.
What DON'T You Like Seeing?
If there are things you, DON'T like seeing because they just don't interest you or whatever, please choose all that apply.
If you answered "Other" on the previous question, please explain here.

Thanks for your help, everyone!