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Blogger Gazelle showed up in my very first entry here.

FYI, I’m including podcasts in with today’s blog entry because they’re basically blogs you listen to. And, hey, look! Blogger Gazelle from my very first blog entry showed up 😂 Let’s get right to it!

Reedsy ~ Reedsy is an incredible resource for authors. They provide editing services, cover design, marketing and promotion, free short story contests, and a free newsletter/blog with tons of awesome advice. If you follow my blog, you’ll know I’ve recommended them multiple times before. And they’ve got a really good grasp on how often (or should I say not often) to email. I’m signed up for several of their newsletters—there’s a separate one for the advice vs. the one for the short stories, etc.—and each one only comes out once a week on Fridays. That’s it. And the content isn’t too dense. They’re like the Baby Bear’s stuff from Goldilocks: just right.

Publisher’s Weekly ~ Lol, weekly Publisher’s Weekly is not. Don’t get me wrong, they are a very helpful resource, especially when it comes to the business side of the writing world—mergers, big-time author news, books that are being optioned for TV and movies, etc. However, if you don’t take firm control of which newsletters of theirs you want and which you don’t, they will flood your inbox. Their BookLife newsletter is specifically aimed at indie authors, so that would be my first recommendation. They also have a Rights Report, PW Daily, Tip Sheet, Children’s Bookshelf newsletter, the list goes on. And their newsletter are all really dense. It can feel like information overload really quickly, so make serious use of their Preferences link.

Ingram Spark’s Newsletter ~ If you use Ingram Spark or think you might eventually, I highly recommend you sign up for this one*. While the information mostly pertains to in-house stuff, it’s also where they’ll announce when they have coupon codes for free title setups and free revisions. And it only comes out once a month, so it definitely won’t take up a lot of your time or inbox space.

*If you’re already a registered Ingram Spark user, you probably already get this one.


Sarina Langer's Cookie Break ~ Long-time followers of this blog will recognize Sarina’s name. She’s done an author interview here before, a guest post, she’s my editor, and I’ve featured her website on more than one occasion. Sarina is a wonderful person and I can’t say enough nice things about her as a writer and a friend. A specific thing I do want to bring up, though, is her blog… or is that blogs? That’s the thing. As I’ve mentioned before, Sarina is legit one of the most organized people I know. And her blog entries and website are divided into sections, so if you only want tips on self-publishing, there’s a section for that. Curious about resources (books on writing books, word processing tools, etc.) or looking for an editor, there are others sections for those.

Writing Excuses (podcast) ~ “Fifteen minutes. ‘Cause you’re in a hurry. And we’re not that smart.” Best. Tagline. Ever. I wish I’d started listening to Writing Excuses years ago. The information is concise and so good. And they’re not afraid to dig into the difficult subjects like representation, magic systems (both crunchy and soft), and showing vs. telling. And they cover all genres. Honestly, there’s no reason not to listen.


Productivity Alchemy (podcast) ~ Anyone who’s ever said there’s only one right way to do something is full of crap. Productivity Alchemy is, “Normal people being productive.” Authors, microbiologists, museum staffers, musicians, guidance counselors, CEOs have all been featured, and there are as many ways of being organized and productive as there are types of people. And you get some really great ideas for new systems or maybe even systems you already use while listening. I really love how positive and inclusive it is, and not at all judgey amidst the myriad of walks of life of all its guests. And, hey! Kevin Sonney, the host, was good enough to have me on as a guest. You can listen to that episode here if you want. It’s what I refer to as an easy listening podcast. You can just let it play while you’re doing dishes or whatever and just let the conversation flow around you.

20 Minute Delay (podcast) ~ Aptly named, 20 Minute Delay is only twenty minutes long—I really want to have a meta moment one day and listen to an episode while waiting for a delayed flight, though I’m not gonna actually hope for a delayed flight, so it’s a weird desire to have. This one really only pertains to travel, but if you do any kind of live shows, there’s enough in there to make it worth your time. I’m definitely looking at getting an immersion water boiler because of this podcast. Also, I’m a huge fan of one of the hosts, Gail Carriger, so maybe I’m slightly biased but whatever. It’s a great podcast!

What are some of your favorite blog (or podcast) resources? Why not let me know in the comments below 👇.

Thanks for reading!

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