ARC Review - Zombie Playlist


Zombie Playlist (releases September 4th)
Star Rating: 4.5/5
Genre: Short Stories, Science Fiction and Fantasy,
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Synopsis (from Amazon):
 Dagger has survived the zombie apocalypse with nothing save a metal bat, blades, and assholery. With the company of an IPOD she attained courtesy of Dead-Dude, and King, the Bunker-Boy straggler she somehow acquired on her journey, she travels to the coast, putting down zombies, blowing up high-grade assholes, and teaching King how to ditch his pre-apocalypse conscience and keep his yellow ass alive


I may have mentioned this before, but I don't like zombie least that's what I keep saying.  I think I might be full of crap.  I had the opportunity to get an ARC copy of Zombie Playlist by K.J. Chapman.  She is so awesome!  You should definitely check her out on Instagram: @k.j.chapman .

Okay, check out my snack picture.  Yeah, I know hot drinks are usually my reading snack, but reading this book was like watching a really exciting film.  I needed popcorn to complete the experience.  Where to start?  First, it's so cleverly written.  The table of contents is literally a playlist, which I am listening to as I type.  Yup, I made a public playlist on Spotify.  You can find it here if you want to listen to the soundtrack.  And K.J. weaves the songs into each chapter marvelously.  I cannot imagine how much time this extra layer of awesomeness took.  It's brilliant!

The story was super snappy too, thus my need for popcorn.  My heart was racing!  I may have ignored the hubs a few times when he tried to talk to me whilst reading.  No regrets!  K.J.'s pacing is on point!  I've mentioned on this blog before that I play a game called Zombies, Run! when I work out.  As you can imagine, the missions in that game are hella exciting.  Reading this book was like running a ZR mission!  Yes, I know I've just compared it to a film and a game, which probably doesn't make sense.  I don't care!  It was so exciting!

The book isn't all shoot-em-up excitement, though.  It addresses some of the horrible things that I think would absolutely happen in a post-apocalyptic world.  Necessary evils you would have to commit to survive.  This book is not shy, you guys.  It's real and gritty and honest.  There are some hard punches in the feels, y'all.

That's the only thing I would caution about it.  This book contains swearing (like, a lot of it), sex, violence.  If you're a more conservative reader, Zombie Playlist might not be right for you.  Personally, I thought it added to the realism of the story.  I'm a little sad it's not longer, though.  I blew through it in an afternoon.  This might be one of the few books I reread...a lot.  I'm not a big repeater of entertainment.  Remember how I said it's like a film?  It makes me feel the way Hot Fuzz does, which I have rewatched so many times.  Loooooooove!

All in all, this book is a rip-roaring, zombie-killing adventure.  If you're okay language, sex, and violence, you must read this book!

Many thanks to K.J. Chapman for the advance copy.  Be sure to tune in on Friday.  K.J. will be my first author interview on this blog!  Zombie Playlist releases September 4th, so go preorder your copy!  Thanks for reading!