Getting My Crap Together...Or Am I?

Uuuuuuuugh...I'm writing today's post from a place of extreme frustration.  I had plans for today, ideas, goals.  Nope.  Not happening apparently.  One of the things I was trying to was make some major updates to the website.  Did you notice?  Hm?  Yeah, all I got accomplished was that it's a different color.  That's it.

Currently drinking: A lavender latte.  Lavender is supposed to be calming, but it's not working today.  Wine might be what I try next...

Currently drinking: A lavender latte.  Lavender is supposed to be calming, but it's not working today.  Wine might be what I try next...

Despite today's setbacks, there is something for me to share with you today: my new and improved workspace!  Okay, not actually new, but improved!  Well, improved might be a stretch.  Tidied and organized?  Yes!  My tidied and organized workspace!

Let me tell you about stacks and my relationship with them...I can hear people who know me well groaning in the background.  Let me get this out of the way now: stacks are great and there's nothing wrong with them!  So, nyah! ;p  I am so mature.  Look, stacks are how I operate.  I like my stacks of things because that's how I find stuff.  For instance, my clothes are usually in stacks (fine, piles since clothes don't stack nicely), but they're divided up by type - tops, bottoms, tanks, etc.  I've never lost sleep--literally and figuratively--from it, so I left my loft in similar state, except I had stacks of books, art supplies, and other random stuff up there.  Well, for some reason (I admit nothing!), I was having trouble concentrating up there, so I spent some time making it all nicey-nice in there again.

See?  So neat!  I've got my desk right there with the Quacker Council set up in case I run into a case of writer's block.  And my books have all been arranged on the shelves so that the ones on my TBR list stick out like sore thumbs (they're set on their sides).  That way I can quickly and easily pick out what should be read next.  Even my bookmarks are together!  See?

Oh, and in case you're curious.  That one little pile of lonely books in the bottom left belong to the hubs.  They were evicted from the shelves to make space for all my books.

I moved my plants upstairs because they weren't really getting enough sunlight where they were.  Can you believe it?!  I haven't killed these yet.  The one on the bottom is that lemon balm I wrote about a few months back, the one I thought was dead.

And below is my big whiteboard, which I use when I need to get my ideas out in a tactile way.  I've got the original (terrible) sketch I drew of Springhaven and Invarnis from Out of the Shadows pinned up there, as well as the really lovely versions my sweet friend Hannah did for the book.  You can also see the timeline I created for when I was writing the book--there got to be so many things happening that I needed it all written out in one big go.

Since I did this, my mind has felt much clearer when I've gone up there to write each day.  I hate cleaning, but I'm really glad I did it in this case.  How do you keep your life organized (or at least feeling like it is)?  Feel free to let me know in the comments.