Adventures in Self-Publishing

Whew!  What a fortnight it’s been.  What?  Well, there’s no way to say “what a two-weeks it’s been” without sounding really awkward.  Fortnight is applicable!  Really, though, it’s been crazy.  I’m not gonna lie, I envy anyone who has people to do things for them so that they can just write their little hearts out.  Whether it’s an assistance or a personal representative or something else, it must be nice to have help for all the admin stuffs.  I won’t get in the sausage-making details, but I will say trying to self-publish books for a global audience can be an administrative nightmare, especially when certain major distributors have different segments and sites for different countries.  I need a nap just thinking about it.  If anyone has figured out a smooth way to deal with the palaver that is self-publishing admin, hit me up.  I’ll buy you a drink.  Heck, I’ll buy you drinks for a month if you can help me untangle this mess into something resembling successful order.
Administrative hellscapes aside, that’s not the only but of excitement I’ve had lately—in this context, “excitement” is a positive stand-in for neurosis.  So I’d told myself I wasn’t going to do another round of edits for Out of the Shadows.  No, I was done.  I just needed to check a few things.  The edits for those “few things” became this.

Then I ended up going through the entire book again—“Oh, I’d like to change that a bit…I don’t like that comma…I could word that slightly better”—in a weekend, and ended up with this.


Water balloons, surprisingly, made some really good page markers.  Another proof is now on the way.  It’s a good thing.  I know it’s good.  It also makes me a little crazy, though, because I’d thought I was done with that.  Letting go…deep breath…letting go.  Someone hold my hand, please.  My baby has to go out and greet the world at some point, so this is the final look.
Exciting times!  Oh, and there will be a giveaway announced soon, so stay tuned!  As a reminder, Out of the Shadows is available at a special pre-sale price of $0.99 for Kindle between now and October 28th.  You can also get a special pre-sale price on the printed version here until that same day.  Thanks for reading!