Cover Reveal for Into the Fire!

Hello, friends!  I am so excited because I get to share my new book baby's cover with you!  YAAAAAAAAAY!  Are you ready?  *Drumroll...*

BG IFT Cover Kindle Small.jpg

Coming Sept. 5, 2017

An expedition to an exotic foreign city. An assassin in hiding, waiting to strike. World changing discoveries.

And, per my usual Broken Gears style, there's a little extra goodie on the back cover of the physical book:

Did I mention I'm excited?  Now I want to share the book with you too!  How about a little teaser?

Sneak Peek.jpeg

Eeeeeeeee! πŸ˜†  This, my awesome friends, is why I haven't had a blog post in a little while.  I've been so busy trying to get preorders and all the admin stuff that comes with releasing a book done.  If you've never done it, let me just tell you: it's a lot.  For instance, there are about five different places I have to enter my new book's information, and that's just for Amazon!  Sorry there's not much else to report at the moment.  But, hey!  If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., you can keep up with me on a daily basis.  Thanks for reading!

How I Rate Books

How I Rate Books

In which I discuss review theory and why I'm stingy with five star ratings.

How I Rate Books…And pretty much everything else for that matter.  If you, dear reader, are not aware, reviews and ratings are the buoys that keep creators afloat in this mad world.  The more reviews and ratings we get, the higher our works show up on Amazon, Goodreads, search engines, etc.  Every review/rating you leave gives us creators more time to focus on making more awesome things for you!  Leaving a rating or review is one of the best ways to support your favorite writers and artists.

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