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A dark retelling of Swan Lake ~ Calandra is happiest when she’s surrounded by quiet, joined only by a book and a cup of tea, never around people and their insufferable need to make small talk. When Nicodemus, a magus with immense power, joins the royal court of Invarnis, Calandra’s life will change forever. As a terrible curse pursues her through the centuries, Calandra will have to overcome captivity, war, and loss.

In this standalone installment, set in Dana Fraedrich’s Broken Gears universe, readers will join Calandra in her battle for freedom, hope, and healing.

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Raven's Cry (Broken Gears)

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Scholarly Journey to Bone Port Begins!—The Springhaven Museum of History and Nature has announced plans to launch an expedition to the tropical southern city-state of Bone Port.  According to Scholar Abraham Bates, Head Curator for the museum, the goal of the trip is “to further our understanding of past technologies as well as the natural world around us” (full interview on page A5).
D3 of the Moon
Y10 of the New Age
Springhaven Newssheet

The Springhaven Museum’s expedition to Bone Port is underway!  Opportunities await Lenore and her colleagues, but discovery and enlightenment aren’t the only things they’ll find in southern Invarnis.  Back home in Springhaven, Rook is searching for answers but seems to find only more questions.  Who took out a hit on Lenore?  What is Bloodstone? A trail of clues becomes fraught with danger, and the quest for truth might demand a price he's not willing to pay.

The land of Invarnis is on the precipice of a new age, and the lives of its inhabitants will never be the same again.  The pursuit of knowledge is a noble endeavor, but sometimes one must ask: how much is knowledge worth?  Some things were locked away for a reason...

The New Age—The darkness of the Old World is gone.  No more deadly creatures or magic to keep the people subjugated in fear.  The world today is rife with opportunities for progress.  The technologies of the Old World can be rediscovered and built upon, cities are maintained, people have the freedom to forge their own paths, and order is kept by the Enforcers.  The light of the Dawn Age has burst forth in a brilliant blaze, illuminating the possibilities of the future.  Happy New Year!
D1 of the Air
Y1 of the New Age
Springhaven Newssheet

Homeless, orphaned, living in secret as a thief—Lenore Crowley just wants to survive, but the city of Springhaven has no sympathy for cases such as hers.  She chose her path, and the consequences are hers alone.  Being caught would mean certain death; her odds of survival are beginning to look bleak.  When she meets the Allens, she’s offered a new life.  In a world where debts and oaths carry very real weight, however, this second chance comes at a price.  Lives entangle, and Lenore soon find that her secrets aren’t so secret.  Someone is looking for her, someone who knows who she really is.  One wrong move and everything around her might fall.

Out of the Shadows (Broken Gears #1)

“No. It’s okay. I’ve read about this,” Ozzie replied excitedly. “We must have fallen into a rip in the space-time continuum and gotten dropped here into an alternate universe.”

“That’s fiction, you idiot!” Taryn hissed. “Science fiction. Stuff like that doesn’t happen in real life. We are obviously still dreaming or hallucinating or something.”

Taryn is just a normal high school student living a normal life. That is until she is thrown into a fantastical other-world with her former best friend, Ozzie. Taryn and Ozzie must then figure out a way to get back home, all while trying not to get killed or to kill each other in the process.

Skateboards, Magic, and Shamrocks

“So if you could choose to meet any character here, who would it be?” Ozzie asked.

“Any character?” Taryn asked curiously.


“I honestly don’t know. Kind of changes the game now that we potentially could, doesn’t it? What’s that saying? Don’t meet your heroes.”

Having survived their adventures in Leleplar, Taryn and Ozzie have moved on with their lives...for the most part. Life back in their own world has not come without its own share of problems, however. Just as Ozzie is trying to figure out which path to take in life, he and Taryn are dropped back into an unbelievable other-world. This time, though, their friend Smitty has been dragged along for the ride. How will they react when they encounter characters from literature in our own world? How will those characters react to them?

Heroes, Legends, and Villains

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